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Worried About How To Bond with New Employees? Know What Saivian Eric Dalius Has To Say to the Senior Executives

Saivian Eric Dalius

Post pandemic era has given rise to hybrid work culture. Some require going to their designated workplaces, and some can remotely work from their home says Saivian Eric Dalius. And many have to cater to both the worlds as and when the situation demands. So, it was and still is a matter of concern for the senior executives of many firms. When it comes to mentoring interns and new employees. How would they build a rapport with them without getting to have an in-person conversation? How would they solve an in-house problem that needs the expertise of a new employee working remotely? All these questions bother them!

But recent researches show that regular connections are established through video calls with the managers. Can foster good career-building possibilities for the new employees. Many reputed companies used to train interns. To nurture talent had to introduce virtual programs in the pandemic years to carry on with the process. These programs have been so far successful. And most of the interns have also been permanently recruited to work for them remotely. It proves that proper training can happen without having to speak or teach the workers in person. Let’s have a look at what Saivian Eric Dalius has to share with the managers of the firms who are in charge of training the newbie.  

Saivian Eric Dalius shares his views on how to build ties remotely

To train an intern or a recruit, many companies teamed them up. With an experienced employee who taught them things as they performed their tasks. But this process was not possible when the pandemic hit. And the companies were bound to opt for the working from home option. An interesting thing that was observed was that these interns. And new employees started getting adjusted to the situation as they-

  • started sharing their views through chats with the other new members on the online video call platforms
  • sent written queries to the concerned senior executives that were answered later by the person-in-charge
  • completed various assigned intern group projects in the absence of their manager   

Being in touch with the manager is the key: Saivian Eric Dalius observes 

Many of these interns constantly were in touch with their managers, both formally as well as informally. Saivian Eric Dalius observed that these interns received job offers more than those who failed to establish online contact with their senior executives. Performance scores of those who maintained a healthy rapport increased. And even if they couldn’t bag the job, they were in a much better position to seek help. And fulfill their desire of getting recruited elsewhere. With the expertise of the senior workers under whom they completed their internships.

Should companies employ remote work on a long-term basis? 

Some companies that require workers for the production process will not be able to implement it. But many companies have already embraced the model, and they are happy with the outcome. It entirely depends on the company to decide whether to allow the new employees to work remotely. But studies show that doing so will not harm the prospect of the firm in any way. 


The managers have a crucial role to play in this hybrid work culture. They have to constantly monitor the newly hired employees and see to it that they receive proper guidance. If these things are well looked after, the managers will not find it hard to bond with the new employees.

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