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Why You Should Listen to Music When Doing Chores

Listen to Music When Doing Chores

Chores can be tiring and mundane, whether it’s your daily dishes, weekly laundry, or seasonal gutter cleaning. We use tools and gadgets to help make chores easier, but have you ever considered listening to music when doing chores?

Let’s discuss it and explain why you should listen to music when doing chores.

Why You Should Listen to Music When Doing Chores

You can use music as a tool that makes doing chores easier, and here’s why.

1.   Music Elevates Your Mood

Good music is great for the mind and soul. It can relax, excite, and engage your emotions in various ways. When it comes to chores, music can help elevate your mood. No one likes to do chores, and we often dread cleaning up at home.

However, adding good music to the mix can help elevate your mood and put your mind in cleaning mode.

2.   Music Motivates You

Music can encourage you to move around and overcome the thought of taking on a dreary task. Just think about how a song like “Eye of the Tiger” can get you moving or how your workout playlist motivates you to push your body at the gym.

Similarly, if you are procrastinating or delaying a tough chore like cleaning gutters for weeks, upbeat music can help motivate you to get things done.

3.   Music Makes the Chore Easier

We all know that time seems to move faster when we are having fun. Music can create an excellent distraction while you are doing chores, making your chore easier. When you enjoy the music, your chore will seem less difficult, and you are more likely to get things done faster.

Music can be incredibly helpful if you often leave a chore mid-way through. We like to let go of tasks because we feel tired, bored, on unengaged, but music can change that and make you enjoy the time you spend doing chores around the house, leading to fewer half-done chores.

4.   Music Increases Your Work Intensity

Some chores require backbreaking work. Tough stains need hard scrubbing, and large living spaces require more movement. Music can help give you the boost you need to overcome intense chores. Instead of doing things half-heartedly, a good upbeat song can give you the extra push you need to put some elbow grease into your chores without making you feel the burn.

5.   Music Can Help You Track Progress

Many of us can get stuck on one chore for a long time. We become focused on a single task like removing a stain, which can take up our allotted time for multiple chores. Ultimately, this means we accomplish less when we could have done more.

However, music can help us keep track of our progress because we can easily time ourselves with the number of songs. If a small chore takes more than three or four songs, you know you need to move on to other chores that hold priority.

You can even set limits to each chore with the number of songs. You will be surprised to see how much you can get done in a limited time and how organized music can make your chores. The time spent feels even less because you are enjoying the music.

Final Words

Each of the mentioned reasons is strong enough to encourage you to listen to music when doing chores, but you shouldn’t think of them when you are doing the chores. If you focus on the reasons, you inadvertently risk removing some of the underlying psychological effects that make them work.

Of course, you should still count your songs to keep track of progress, but everything else you must overlook. Just put on your favorite playlist, enjoy the music, and do as many chores as possible.

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