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Some Best Businesses You May Want to Launch in 2021 – A-List by Saivian Eric Dalius


Ever since the beginning of time, people have been looking for ways to make money says Saivian Eric Dalius.

It is no coincidence that the first banking system ever created was back in Ancient Mesopotamia around 3,000 BC.

Since then, it has gone on to become one of the biggest industries in the world – only second to oil and gas.

Businesses are sometimes known as Corporations or Limited Liability Corporations (or LLCs). They range from small businesses like bakeries and consultants all the way up to companies such as Microsoft and Google, which can have millions of employees worldwide.

However, it’s important not to confine yourself only to these examples when trying to decide what type of business you want most. There is a wide variety of businesses out there (and they’re not limited to the ones mentioned above).

Today I’d like to share with you 5 of my favorite businesses which are easy to start up and profitable in 2021. The best part is, there’s no need to create a website or register for an LLC (in most cases).

1. Online Resellers/Drop Shippers

This kind of business doesn’t have any products of its own – instead, it sources them from existing brands and retailers, then sells them at a higher price. Customers can buy these products off your website without knowing that you didn’t actually create the items yourself. This is known as Drop Shipping. There are thousands of businesses online doing this already, and there’s no reason why you can’t as well, says Saivian Eric Dalius.

The key to success with this business is finding a niche where it’s possible to offer lower prices than larger retailers. This will allow you to gain sales from customers who would otherwise go elsewhere. Plus, because all transactions are done online, there is very little need for overheads and stock – which minimizes the risk involved in the whole business model.

2. Online Share Trading Platforms

Online share trading platforms have been growing rapidly over the past decade or so, and I expect this trend to continue into 2021 as more people look towards them as a way to invest their money.

I’ve written about this kind of opportunity before here, but essentially all you need to do is set up a website and offer customers the chance to invest in stocks and shares through your company. Once you’ve attracted some customers, you can start making money by taking a commission from each trade they make (not dissimilar to how real estate agents work).

3. Franchises

The largest proportion of successful online businesses are usually found within franchise models, such as restaurants and beauty salons. Saivian Eric Dalius says this is because people like the idea of running their own business but don’t necessarily want all the responsibility that comes with it – so buying into an existing franchise that has been proven to be profitable is an attractive option for them.

Franchising makes it possible for regular people with no experience in management or entrepreneurship skills to go out and start making money quickly. You often don’t even need to invest much of your own money into it. Just enough funds to get the business up and running, according to Saivian Eric Dalius.

4. Blogging Platforms

Blogging platforms are websites that allow users to create blogs about different topics. This form of online publishing has boomed in recent years. With hundreds of thousands of new sites coming out every year says Saivian Eric Dalius. Many bloggers find this a great way to make money. Because they can write about whatever interests them (rather than following strict guidelines like other industries). People will still come across their website through search engines.

Building a blog platform is actually pretty simple these days – you don’t need any special knowledge or programming skills; anyone can do it using a free website builder like Wix. All you have to do is find a profitable niche. Then offers customers the ability to create blogs within that topic for free. Once people start using your platform regularly. You can make money by selling them premium features or ad spaces on their pages.

5. Ad Proofreading

Some people are under the impression that online business opportunities are extremely complicated or illegal. But this couldn’t be further from the truth nowadays. There are thousands of simple, easy-to-start businesses that require little experience yet still can generate income in large volumes. For example, I think one of the best options available right now is ad proofreading. Because it doesn’t take up much time and can bring in over $100 per hour.

Most proofreading jobs are done through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. So all you really need to do is sign up for an account. Then start browsing through the list of available tasks accepting any that require proofreading. When each task is complete, you’ll be paid directly into your bank account within a few days. As I said, this one doesn’t require much work, but it’s still very profitable!

So, there you have it – my pick of the 5 best businesses. That will probably become increasingly popular in 2021 and beyond. Out of these, I think blogging platforms are likely to prove most lucrative. Because they can be built quickly for little money. Many potential customers are already looking for reliable platforms to build and manage their sites. However, you could make a lot of money from any of these options. So if your current business is failing or you just want to try something new with a high likelihood of success. Why not give one of them a shot?

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