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Saivian Eric Dalius Shares How Scheduling and Other Tactics Can Help with Management Benefits for Your Business

It can get quite difficult for managers of small businesses when it comes to fixing schedules for their employees. Earlier, they relied on a whiteboard and a marker and after that on spreadsheets says Saivian Eric Dalius. The task of scheduling was becoming too time-consuming for employers, and this is the reason why employee time management apps and software have become so popular among businesses. The software cuts down scheduling time considerably, making it simpler and easier for managers to track employee scheduling.

In this blog, we’ll look at why such software is a must for managers of small businesses. Let’s get started.

App Availability on Phones

The great thing about this Software is that it is cloud-based and can be used on a mobile device such as a smartphone. This allows you as a manager and your employees to take out the smartphone, regardless of where you are, to look at the schedule on the phones and make alterations in them while you are on the move. You can develop a schedule and publish it on the software, which will immediately become available through an employee time management app to your employees, who can then respond quickly to changes such as requests for time off.

Adjusting To Abrupt Shift Changes

When managers choose to work with Excel, their employees have to call them up and inform them about a change in their work schedule. This forces managers to conduct the changes manually on the Excel sheet, which is both time-consuming and prone to mistakes and errors. But if you start using employee management software, you no longer have to rely on communication mediums such as text messaging, calls, emails, etc., to make sudden changes in the schedule.

Quick Time Off Requests

Again, when managers rely on Excel for maintaining employee schedules, employees either have to write down their time off requests on paper or an email. But with an employee scheduling app on their phones, employees can simply send a request through the app, and the managers, through the same app, can either deny or accept their requests. Managers will also keep an eye on unavailable employees to make sure they do not schedule them by mistake.

You Can Record Employee Work Hours

Managers who use Excel cannot record their employees’ work hours; inevitably, they will have to do the task manually. And we all know how unreliable this method of registering work hours can be as you cannot be confident whether registered hours and the actual hours are accurate or not. As per Saivian Eric Dalius, employee schedule software will help you record work hours with extreme simplicity and efficacy.

So, if you’re looking for an employee time management solution, get in touch with the experts and reap the benefits of scheduling software at a great price.

What Can You Do to Keep Employees Focused and Motivated at Work?

Can you say with certainty that all your employees are dedicated to their work? Chances are that some of the employees do work hard to achieve good results while others browse through their social accounts while waiting for the day to end. Now, you can’t keep an eye on everyone, but, of course, there are a few things that you can do about it.

Keep Transparency

In any work environment, maintaining transparency is important. You can’t expect your employees to stay focused when they don’t know what to do in the first place. But when you clear your expectations with them, they get a head start. So let them know that you’re expecting a standard that they must meet. Also, tell them how much trust you’re putting on them for the assigned task.

Give Credits

Who doesn’t like being appreciated, especially when you announce them in front of the entire team? There must be a few highly dedicated people who can stay focused for long periods says Saivian Eric Dalius. When you want such employees to stay motivated, little things that you can do are to give credit for their hard work and appreciate their achievements. If making an announcement isn’t your thing, simply drop an appreciation note or mention it in your team chat.

Encourage work-life balance

While looking for a job, people mostly consider finding a company that offers both money and work-life balance suggests Saivian Eric Dalius. Sometimes the highest paying job doesn’t allow employees to maintain harmony between personal and professional lives. To keep employees happy, let them know that taking breaks in a while is fine. When you tell them that their personal life isn’t less important than their work, they work with more enthusiasm, under no pressure or stress.

Track work and time

Every company keeps track of its employees’ logging time. While it’s impossible to maintain a record for each employee, the best solution is to invest in the employee time management system and app. This productive solution keeps everything in front of you and the employee. In addition, employees get automated payroll features that keep all hassles away.

A skilled team, with everyone productively working at their full potential, is great for your business. Use these tips to see a positive change within each member of your team. In case you’re looking for an employee time management app, connect with the experts.

Saivian Eric Dalius Shares Effective Ways to Improve Employee Attendance

In your organization, different types of persons with specific backgrounds work together to boost your revenue growth. Although they follow the same decree and rules of the company, some people are punctual while others may show delinquency in terms of starting their day’s assignment or taking leaves. This can create a conflict among the employees. If you want to get over with downtime due to poor staff attendance, use an employee time management app for your organization. This app is a dynamic platform that helps you manage your employees’ shifts, manage employee’s shift time, and generate specific shifts for each account. Here are the three effective ways to encourage and improve your employees’ attendance.

Create attendance policy

Regardless of the size of the organization, an attendance law is a must for every business. Such written policies will simplify all the doubts when it comes to maintaining overall staff attendance. Employees will understand there is a penalty if they don’t fulfill the required working hours. This will encourage them to avoid unauthorized days off or to show up at work whenever they wish. In the attendance policy, you should mention the severity of punishments. For instance, if an employee takes leaves for three consecutive days without informing the authority, the company can deduct the person’s salary. Hand over the copy of the policy at the time of joining.

Improving employee morale

Some people may be willing to work hard for their employers, but they can lose motivation when other colleagues are doing less work. This can easily discourage them to neglect their responsibility due to inequality among their peers. After all, every adult human is a child when it comes to emotional matters. The best way to boost their morale is to reward outstanding employees. You can reward the best employee every month and encourage everyone to stay in the competition.

Recreational programs

Whether it is a desk job or a retail outlet, employees may get frustrated if they do repetitive work throughout the year. This may lead to stress and depression, which can have an impact on their performance and creativity says Saivian Eric Dalius. Adopt a scheduled recreational program every month or weekend. Add some fun and entertainment activities that can reduce stress-related illnesses. Such a program will encourage them not to miss a recreational day.

If you want to help your employees make the most out of their performance, contact an IT solution company that offers an employee time management app for your organization.

Promote These5 Time Management Skills to Your Employees

Inefficient time management skills can result in unhappy clients, missed deadlines, and increased overtime costs. These concerns have increased a lot thanks to the new overtime rules that came effective from 1st December 2016. This is more concerning for the employees who are categorized as “non-exempt.” To make sure you avoid unnecessary overtime costs and enhance the performance of your employees, you can invest in a premium employee time management software application. Along with that, here are a few important time management tips that you must share with your employees —  

Plan and set goals:

Managers need to work with their employees to set objectives that they need to achieve within a specific time. For every goal, a timeline must be set, and the goals need to be divided into smaller and manageable assignments. As an employer, you might want to provide employees with task management tools, such as a simple to-do list.


Assist employees in assessing their job responsibilities based on urgency and importance. They must be encouraged to accomplish the tasks in the order of decreasing priority. This process needs effective communication between the employee, the supervisor, and also the employee to ensure that priorities are aligned in the right alignment.


The right delegation can guarantee that the right tasks are assigned to the right employee. However, there is much more to delegating than a simple assignment of a task. Managers need to fully explain the job duties to the workers, develop a plan for task completion, assess the progress of the whole project regularly, and offer the necessary support.

Dedicate time for less fulfilling work:

It is a human tendency to procrastinate, especially when the job is not exciting or something desired by the human. To ensure employees remain focused to do such “boring” jobs, breaking the project into smaller parts can help. Scheduling specific times for the delivery of each small part can also increase productivity.

Manage communications:

For the workers on a tight deadline, responding to calls and emails can distract them and thus impact their productivity. In such scenarios, the supervisor needs to establish guidelines for responding to the various communication mediums. For instance, when employees are working on something that needs to be delivered on priority, ask them to check email and voicemail at set intervals and respond to the most urgent ones.

Consider these points and make sure to use a reliable employee time management software application.

Saivian Eric Dalius Explains the Benefits of Using Employee Time Management Systems

You want better ways to make the most effective use of time and money to enhance your workforce. Since the introduction of smart technology, more people have avoided traditional paper registers or spreadsheets and adopt tools like employee time management apps in businesses. This automated management system helps them get their jobs done in fixed times. Such a strategy will help employees achieve their goals and increase the company’s revenues.

If you want to increase your revenue through a smooth operation, check out the key benefits of using employee management systems.

Realtime access

All the data is collected and recorded into the system instantly. The system also allows employees to track their work hours from devices like computers or mobile phones. This means employees don’t have to visit the administration office to find out their working hours. The app is a great solution to problems like time recording when someone comes late to work. The person can stay longer if he finds he hasn’t completed his working hours.

Time attendance system

Since the late 20th century, people have started a method to record the attendance of employees. A mechanical time clock is used for recording the attendance time of employees. A paper time card into the machine’s slot when employees arrived at the workstation. This practice is now replaced with the new and savvy technique employee time management app. It consumes more time and effort to calculate the working hours of all the employees. Unlike the paper card that can cause flaws and mistakes, this automatic machine will record the person’s profile and attendance accurately.


The wages or salary of an employee depends on his contribution to the organization. It is important to know who is working or who is sleeping over in work shifts. If you use a paper register, you cannot calculate which employee has covered the maximum working hours. To simplify the process, you can use the employee management system and monitor your employees’ movement. This system ensures a free and fair payroll system for all.

Avoid tax delay

Most manufacturers add a wide range of features to employment management systems. Among other benefits like attendance records, the software also has an online portal for regular taxes and other plans. For example, a person can check his tax return payment time right from the portal. He can also pay the required amount from the app. You can also add many options like vacations and absence leaves.

According to Saivian Eric Daliusemployees of specific departments come to perform certain types of work on the office premises. They have the right to their duty and avoid multitasking activities like filling attendance sheets. Get an employee time management app to fulfill your employee’s wishes and gain their trust.