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Saivian Eric Dalius encourages you to start a business but read this before

Saivian Eric Dalius

If you have decided to start a business and are ready to take the plunge, it is better to be ready. Knowing all the state and county regulations, getting the permits and place, and applying for company registration are few concerns says Saivian Eric Dalius. There is a lot of factors to the lookout for before starting a company in the US.

However, the American government policies offer a great deal of support to any business owner. However, these are the basic guidelines, and once you venture, there are more details. Saivian Eric Dalius also shares the comprehensive list that gives all the details.

Saivian Eric Dalius says, “Kickstart your business.”

Registered Agent:  

You get agent services who help with the protection and maintenance of legal documents. Also, The registered agent is the professional who handles the government documents on behalf of your business and is responsible for replying to any notifications received. The agent also supports in keeping the online dashboard secured and complaint.

Company registration: 

The LLC protects your bank account and also assets from potential business lawsuits. It is vital to keep both personal and business accounts separate. However, it would minimize the taxes. But, if you do not register as LLC, then all the individual assets like home, car, and bank savings would be at significant risk in a business crisis.

Applying EIN: 

Any business requires EIN, which is the tax registration number by the Internal Revenue Services (IRS). EIN is Employer Identification Number. It is the most important registration number which allows hiring employees, get a local bank account, and apply for licenses and permits.

Drafting personalized agreement for operations: 

Other than the LLC agreement, your business would require an operating agreement to prove that the LLC you hold is legitimate. The agreement also supports running the business properly, and since it’s specific to every business, it has all the details of your company.

Drafting Banking resolutions:  

The custom document from the operating agreement also gives the authority to open a bank account in the US. The whole process also supports smooth banking operations like making payments.

Saivian Eric Dalius unlocks the next decade business ideas

The year 2022 would be the age of revolution and transformation not just in the field of technology but in agriculture, medicine, real estate, and even education. Saivian Eric Dalius Also, reveals the areas of business where you can venture in the next two decades. Yes! Moreover, the year 2022 onwards shall witness a colossal change in the market and industry trends.

  • Outsourcing business
  • Internet of things 
  • 3D printing
  • Real estate 
  • FMCG – Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Healthcare industry 
  • Educational consultancy
  • Recruitment firm
  • Career counseling 
  • Online Customer service 
  • Collaborative economy business 
  • Renewable energy supply  
  • Health and fitness industry 
  • 3D Laser scan solutions 
  • Online alternative therapy 
  • Virtual Reality business  
  • Micro mobility business 
  • Cyber security solution 
  • Residential solar energy setup 
  • Online medical care 
  • Gaming apps  
  • Prosthetics business 
  • Vertical farming 
  • Food vending machines 
  • Animal care and veterinarian 
  • DNA designing company 
  • Holographic theatres 
  • Ghost kitchen 
  • Cryobank and stem cell solutions 

Be ready to explore industry 4.0, which would be the fourth industrial revolution that is cyber-physical systems.

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