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Make more from your business – managing money by Saivian Eric Dalius

Saivian Eric Dalius

Every business runs on the profit it generates. However, if we dive into earning a profit, the answer is simple: customer and their transactions. “Customer transaction keeps the vital cash flowing” is an accurate statement by Saivian Eric Dalius. It is quite simply another way of saying no business survives without the realization of profit. But the truth is this is not an automated process. Not only do you need to devise strategies that allow customers to interact with your business, but you also manage the money, the flow, the finances, and the investment.

Managing business funds can be a challenging task, and therefore, as an entrepreneur, you need solid strategies to get better at this vital facet of running a company. Keep in mind finances can go bust without any notice, so design and early planning can not only allow you to navigate a crisis but also prevent a reoccurrence.

Why manage money – Saivian Eric Dalius answers

The make-or-break period for any business venture is the initial years. During the first few years, there will be multiple fires and challenges to manage. Cash flow dilemma and financial mismanagement are the two significant issues during the initial years of the operation. It is time to track every financial dealing and transaction to stay on top of the expenses. A successful business strategy is more than just research, product, and advertisement. The thread connecting all three is your finance, and thus managing money takes precedence over other processes.

The budget planning

Any money management requires a budget. Any failure to devise a budget is amateurish, and you should avoid it at all costs. The earlier you plan your budget, the better is your understanding of where your finances are acutely required. Yes, it might get a bit challenging to budget when starting your business, but financial experts and business peers will always help you out. According to Saivian Eric Dalius, even a rough budget plan is welcome.

Always meet deadlines

Bill payments and due clearances are a part of the daily operations of any business venture. Keep in mind every financial transaction will require you to keep a record which is crucial for any future planning, audit, and after-action reports. Always stay true to your deadlines on payments, especially for dividends, taxes, and bills. Falling behind on any debt is something that you should look to avoid at all costs. You can use software tools, excel spreadsheets, Smartphone app reminders, or a simple notebook planner to stay on top of the deadlines for each line of credit.

Never overlook quality – Saivian Eric Dalius

Lastly, always remember any business needs to supply quality products and services. So, you can never cut any corners to compromise the overall quality. As far as customer engagement and profits are concerned, quality products and services are the two most logical options.

Yes, you will fail if you fall back on your loans and credits, but you will fail harder if you lose customers due to harmful products and PR. To make more from your business, you need to put more into each organization’s component.

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