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Gaining Music Industry Exposure with Eric Dalius’ Guidance

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Are you an aspiring music artist looking to get your tracks noticed and appreciated?

After investing hours creating music, it’s only natural for artists to want to ensure their music reaches audiences everywhere.

But how can an emerging artist gain music industry exposure? What are the available options that allow budding artists to promote the amazing music they’re creating?

Maybe you’re unaware of the options that are available for you, or maybe you’re unsure of what’s the right option for you. Here are a few tips from Eric J. Dalius that can help new artists gain relevant music industry exposure.

Getting to Know Eric J. Dalius

Eric J. Dalius is the co-founder and executive chairman of one of the most comprehensive music discovery services called MuzicSwipe.

The mastermind behind this fantastic app is playing an integral role in revolutionizing the music creation and promotion process. With the persistent efforts of Eric J. Dalius, MuzicSwipe has partnered with artists, music lovers, and professionals in the music industry to promote the brilliant music of emerging artists to a wider audience. The collaborative effort has allowed budding artists to build and advance their careers in the music industry.

If you’re an emerging artist looking forward to gaining music industry exposure, Eric j. Dalius shares a few insightful tips with you so your music can reach a wider audience with ease and convenience.

Gaining Music Industry Exposure – Tips from Eric J. Dalius

Many emerging artists look up to the advice of Eric J. Dalius and ask him about how they can get music industry exposure. He typically recommends breaking down your music industry exposure into two broad categories:

  • Focus on creating channels that allow you to build your audience and
  • Capitalizing on other musicians’ audiences.

 Let’s delve into the details.

Creating Channels That Allow You to Build Your Audience

Market Your Music on the Right App

For aspiring artists determined to create good music, they must create channels that allow them to build their audience.

Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in the popularity of music apps. In 2021, the global music app revenue reached $25.1 billion, which accounts for a 32% increase from the year 2020. Moreover, the music app market is likely to experience a growth of over 7% in the next few years.

Given the ever-increasing popularity of music apps, it’s vital for music artists to market their music on the right app.

One of the most comprehensive music discovery services that allow an artist to create channels to build their own audience is MuzicSwipe.

The free app allows artists to create a short 15-second audio or visual clip for their music that the platform uses to promote their content. The app also allows artists to tag the music for a specific genre so the content can target the relevant audience.

The platform focuses on basic marketing principles of the more exposure your content gets to the relevant audience, the more likely it is to get relevant music industry exposure.

Continue to Make Consistent Music

Gaining music industry exposure isn’t a one-time affair. If you need to stay in the industry and advance in your career as a musician, Eric J. Dalius recommends that you continue to create consistent music.

If you create exceptional musical content and post it on a popular music discovery platform like MuzicSwipe, your music will likely get music industry exposure. But one of the biggest challenges that artists face is that there’s so much competition. Soon your content will fade up and will quickly be replaced by the musical work of other artists.

The key is to be consistent in what you do. If you’re a musician and want to stay in the industry, invest your time, energy, and other resources to create consistent music that can continue to stand out even on the most happening musical platforms like MuzicSwipe.

By putting out consistent music, you’re on your way to gaining persistent music industry exposure.

Update Your Fans about Upcoming Events

The key to gaining music industry exposure is to show your availability to your fans. For emerging artists, it’s vital that they participate in pop-ups, live shows, concerts, and any other musical event happening around.

Fans want to meet their favorite artist and don’t want to miss out on any event that they are attending. So why not update your fans about all your upcoming events?

If you’re an emerging artist and updating your fans about your upcoming events is a challenge because you don’t have a website yet, you can take advantage of social media, which is a powerful tool providing music industry exposure.

Eric J. Dalius also recommends budding artists take advantage of apps like MuzicSwipe that share details of all upcoming musical events with the fans. A music discovery service like MuzicSwipe is an effective way of telling your fans about what you’re up to over the weekend and beyond.  

Going Live

When you’re an emerging artist looking forward to gaining music industry exposure, going live can turn out to be a great tool.

Eric J. Dalius suggests that every live performance at any event exposes you to a new range of fans. Moreover, it also helps emerging artists highlight their talent among industry professionals. As more people in the industry become aware of your expertise and flair, the more likely you’re to develop and advance your career in the music industry.

Many emerging artists believe that going live has to be big. However, that’s not true. You don’t always have to go live in a huge concert. If you’re relatively new, you can start even with a local bar and then aim to reach a wider audience as you gain more confidence and establish credibility as an artist.

Capitalize on Other Musicians’ Audiences

Aiming to create channels that allow you to build your audience is great, but Eric J. Dalius suggests that emerging artists can also capitalize on other musician’s audiences.

Wondering how you can capitalize on other musicians’ audiences? Here are a few ways.

Partner with Other Artists

One of the most effective forms of capitalizing on other musicians’ audiences is to collaborate with other artists. Join hands with established artists in the industry who share your vision and work style to create music that’s primarily targeted to their audience.

Eventually, the approach will also help you gain music industry exposure and expand your audience reach, and will help you get a long way in the industry.

Traditional and Unconventional Platforms May Be Useful

While the digital medium is gaining popularity, emerging music artists can continue to take advantage of traditional platforms to gain music industry exposure. Gaining television and radio exposure can still help aspiring artists.

Moreover, unconventional platforms like podcasts can also play an integral role in offering music industry exposure to young artists.

Cast Your Music to Digital Content Creators

Digital content creation is on the rise and will likely continue in the near future. Emerging artists can take advantage of the digital industry to gain music industry exposure by casting their music to digital content creators.

Vloggers and podcasts can use your music to promote their videos. While the technique is targeted toward other content creator’s audiences, it can benefit you in the long run and help you effectively build your audience.  


Gaining music industry exposure can be a meticulous task for emerging artists, but seasoned entrepreneurs like Eric J. Dalius are always there to assist. With these tips, aspiring music artists can build their audience and gain industry exposure.

Remember, gaining music industry exposure isn’t just about creating good music. It’s also about reaching the right audience. You can do so by building your own audience or connecting your content with other creators’ audiences. Either way, the approach will maximize your music industry exposure and allow you to advance in your career in the industry.

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