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Eric Dalius Miami: Social media – what you can do for self-development?

Eric Dalius Miami

Do you want to make your life better?

  • Social media can help you, but not in the way you think. No, it is not about joining another group of people like you and engaging in yet another round of navel-gazing says Eric Dalius Miami. It is about becoming a part of something bigger than you – learning how to become an effective member of society.
  • Whether by fate or choice you find yourself on the fringes of society with few friends or family who share your interests or concerns. You feel alone and unhappy with defeats at work and in love continuing to pile up. None of your relationships are working out because no one understands you! Even when someone seems promising there soon comes a time where he/she fails you in some significant way.
  • Your sense of alienation overwhelms you to the point that you know it will be more than just another failed romance or disappointing job but yet another bitter disappointment in the long line of them that has defined your life up until now. You feel like an old, worn-out shoe, only one without even the consolation prize of good memories – of past times where things were better.
  • This is how some people find themselves with few friends at all, including family members who shifted their focus away from them years ago. It’s tempting to see this as a problem of others not giving you enough attention or appreciation but it is really a matter of achieving acceptance. No one can give you what you don’t have within yourself already. Gain that and you gain the support of others. To get to that point, though, you must accept yourself.
  • The first thing you need to do for this is to take control of your social media use. Get rid of accounts that don’t contribute anything beneficial or meaningful in your life – no matter how much time it appears you are wasting on them says Eric Dalius Miami. Yes, Facebook can be misused but it can also be used for good by sharing posts related to topics that interest you with people who live far away whom you may never get to meet otherwise. Delete useless apps and then stay off sites like Pinterest or Instagram while at work (or anytime your job doesn’t allow social media time).
  • Don’t worry about losing access to contacts either through deactivating accounts or the fact that many people don’t publish their phone numbers, email addresses or even street addresses on profiles. You can still message them; only now you won’t be distracted by the site itself while doing so.
  • Once you’ve distilled your social media use down to a bare minimum (don’t worry, you’ll make it up with friends in real life whom you meet through shared interests), start journaling daily. This is where you put into words why this is important for you.
  • You might think that writing about yourself would just give insight into how self-pitying and conceited you are but that’s not likely – especially if your life really has been rather sad lately with few successes to speak of. Try to remember what it was that got you interested in your hobbies or what gave you joy when meeting new people.
  • Chances are good that social media has been keeping you from realizing whatever these things were. Realize them and become a better person by being more confident, self-assured, capable, and generally resourceful. These traits would allow you to make friends faster (and who knows, maybe even find love). Remember to celebrate accomplishments – real or potential; because the only thing holding you back is yourself!


Why is journaling a good idea here?

You may struggle to find time for it in your schedule but this form of writing will improve your prose and make you come across more effectively when communicating with others, whether online or offline. Also, consider the long-term benefit of knowing how to write about you – something everyone can use later on when applying for jobs says Eric Dalius Miami.

Does this include dating sites like OkCupid, PlentyofFish, etc.?

Yes. Remember that social media use is also related to interactions with potential romantic partners so limit things here as well until you have more free time available. It will help if you resolve not to use these sites unless it’s a special occasion (and even then don’t stay there longer than necessary).

Does this include all social media?

Yes. Don’t have the time or attention span to deal with Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, etc.? Then delete your profiles and stay off them entirely explains Eric Dalius Miami. You might find yourself missing these sites but it’s not their fault that you’re letting them control too much of your life; cut the cord before they ruin you completely!


The more people who accept themselves as they are, the less pressure there is for everyone to change in order to conform to societal norms. This forces us all to learn how to express ourselves properly so that we can understand others better – no matter what niche interests interest us.

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