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Eric Dalius Miami shares 3 simple strategies to grow your Facebook following fast

Eric Dalius Miami

The easiest and best way to grow your Facebook following is by having fun and putting the effort in every day says Eric Dalius Miami. If you make a great piece of content, share it on your page and promote it. Make sure you know what you want out of Social Media; whether it is more likes, shares or website traffic — this will determine how you approach your personal Facebook page.

Let’s backtrack a little and think about the beginning of the Internet. Nowadays it seems so easy to “start an online business” but people forget how difficult it was before the Internet come around. Back then, there were no websites, eBooks or courses on starting an online business — you had to work for years and learn everything yourself by trial and error. It was hard work and there was no guarantee you would succeed.

Looking at Social Media now — we have all these free platforms that anyone can sign up for and become popular in minutes! Yes, I understand that this is also not easy and that it takes time but if we look at what has been achieved on Social Media as opposed to the Internet in the early days — it’s a walk in park.

This is why I’m writing this article — to make you think about what your goals are and whether these goals fit with what Social Media can do for you and your business. Yes, we’ve all heard of people who managed to become famous overnight on YouTube or Instagram but at some point they put the effort into their work. Ask yourself: What is my goal? Do I want to just grow my Facebook following quickly? Do I want likes or website traffic as well? How much time am I willing to invest every day into growing my page organically? Once you know that, then it’s very easy for me to give you advice on how to grow your Facebook following says Eric Dalius Miami.

I must mention a very important point before we begin: If you want to create a Facebook page and get a huge number of followers in 24 hours then the only way is by using paid boosts. There are many companies that offer this service but if you do your research properly, it’s easy to spot the scams from the professionals. In my opinion, don’t even bother with these services — they cost large amounts of money without knowing whether or not these likes will be any good for your brand.

Now onto our 3 strategies on how to grow your Facebook following without spending money:

1) Post high-quality content every day

If I had to pick one strategy that works best, it would definitely be this one. The best thing about posting quality content every day is that you get to connect with your followers on a more personal level. Eric Dalius Miami says You can also see which types of posts work best for you and the type of engagement they get.

The saying, “You get out what you put in” tells us everything about this strategy — if you want to grow your following quickly, then it’s only logical that you must invest something into this process. However, don’t expect results right away; just like any business needs time to grow, so does your Facebook page!

2) Get involved in other people’s conversations

This is how I’ve managed to build my Social Media platform organically (more or less). What I mean by this is that whenever I come across an interesting article or video, I always share it on my Facebook page and tag the original author.

This technique has helped me a lot over the years as I’ve managed to get other people involved in the conversation and form lasting relationships with them.

3) Interact & comment on your followers’ posts

Another strategy that has worked very well for me whenever I post a photo is to ask a question right underneath it. People interact much more when you do this as opposed to just sharing photos without any comments from your end. You can use popular hashtags too if you want to reach out to other users as well — there are many people who don’t follow you back but they might see your picture and like it too! This also helps you with content ideas for the future.


Of course, it takes some time to build relationships on Social Media but once you’ve managed to get a decent following, they will actively promote your page at their end explains Eric Dalius Miami. If you want more people to see your posts and engage with them — make sure that your post is relevant and useful! People can easily spot when someone tries too hard and in my experience — they often hide such posts which doesn’t do much good for building any meaningful relationship with your audience.

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