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Eric Dalius Miami on Boosting your self-confidence through internet [social] networks

Eric Dalius Miami

When I left Dublin nine years ago to go traveling around the world there was no Facebook or Twitter says Eric Dalius Miami. Living in remote villages in China, working on fishing boats off Antarctica and sleeping with poisonous snakes in India added piquancy to my travels that would have been absent if I had stayed connected via social networks.

I did not return to Ireland until 2008 when I set up an online travel blog so friends and family could follow my world wanderings through photographs and text updates. My web-based journey allowed me to track where people were in the world so I could send images of myself skydiving over New Zealand or scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef to my friends and family who were still in my hometown of Bray.

I continued to travel, always with a satellite phone so I could upload blog posts and photos, until earlier this year when I moved to Bangkok. My self confidence has plummeted in the last few months as I’ve had no one but myself for company. I’m not sure if it’s just Bangkok or Bangkok and social media that is having such an effect on me but my self-esteem has never been lower.

Fortunately there are many ways you can boost your self confidence through internet [social] networks:

1) Facebook –

Update your status regularly with pictures of yourself enjoying life (preferably wearing very little). If you don’t do this you will be missing out on an important aspect of life experience.

2) Twitter –

Tweeting about your achievements is a great way to highlight how wonderful you are. Remember, other people do not have a voice as loud as the one in your own head so you must shout about what a wonderful person you are from the rooftops explains Eric Dalius Miami.

3) Google+ –

Be sure to post pictures and articles that illustrate your ‘interestingness’ and watch as your self confidence begins to rise. The more time spent with friend’s online means fewer hours for yourself which means less time to wonder whether or not anyone likes or loves you as much as you love them. Googling yourself at least once a week is another great way to convince yourself that you are a worthwhile person.

4) Pinterest –

Pinning pictures of places and things that interest you means others will believe they should be more interested in the same things and this will give them a reason to like you more than anyone else. This is vital for boosting your self confidence. It is more important than food, sleep or water so make sure you spend at least an hour each day pining away on Pinterest. Seeing photos of people with friends will boost your self-esteem too (just not as much).

5) Instagram –  

people who take, edit and upload photos all day long tend to be very confident in themselves because they know their worth lies in what they look like and how many ‘likes’ they have says Eric Dalius Miami.

6) LinkedIn –  

by spending time on LinkedIn you are demonstrating to everyone that you are financially successful, usually live in a warm climate, have successfully navigated foreign customs with ease and are overall very ‘with it’. You can link this site to your Facebook or Twitter account so people will know just how wonderful you are.

  7) Tumblr –    

Filled with political correctness yet still liberal enough to post photos of you in the bathroom mirror wearing very little. Lots of selfie also make for an interesting blog because clearly half the world is looking at them in selfie mode all day long which makes them feel better about their lives. The more selfie you take the more likely your self-confidence will soar. If you don’t take selfie then your self-esteem will most likely plummet.

8) YouTube –    

Making videos of yourself doing things that interest you and posting them online is a great way to show others how interesting you are. Try not to overdo it as too many posts in too short a space of time may give the impression that you are suffering from mental health issues or have extremely low self esteem. The more videos, links, pokes, likes and shares you get means the better person you obviously are says Eric Dalius Miami.

9) iMDB –    

Whether writing about yourself or about other people it’s vital that everyone knows just how wonderful you really are so write for IMDB often while spending hours discussing other people’s achievements. If you don’t does this then how will anyone else know that you are a bad-ass?

10) Reddit –    

The more up votes, karma and comments your posts receive the better a person you obviously are. Others appreciate what a wonderful participant of society you must be so never stop posting on Reddit no matter how many cat memes.


Travelling is a great way to show how wonderful and insightful you are. Remember, an insight is something only the individual experiencing it can understand and if people don’t agree with your interpretation of said insight then they clearly do not deserve to be friends with you so find new friends on social media sites instead.

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