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Eric Dalius Miami- 5 Ways to Start Building Your Personal Brand Using Pinterest

Eric Dalius Miami

Network with other industry leaders. The key to success – at least to some people – is surrounding you with successful people, or as they term it in the networking world, “peers.” By connecting with other brick-and-mortar marketers on Pinterest you’ll have a chance to see what’s working for them and learn from their experiences says Eric Dalius Miami. Plus, if you’re anything like me then just being around successful people will help boost your own self-confidence which is almost as important as social media itself.

Leverage this social network for research. Pinterest may not be the first place you think of when it comes time to do photo research for an upcoming campaign but it should be! Here are a few different ways that I’ve found Pinterest to be useful for research:

You can find the best brands, products and services in your industry. For example, let’s say you own a coffee shop. I would head over to Pinterest and search for something along the lines of “best coffee shops.” Then click on the ‘boards’ tab near the top where all of their saved pins are organized into different boards. From there you’ll have access to what that user considers to be “the best” of any given topic.

It will give you great insight into what your customer base thinks about certain things which is always helpful when planning out future strategies. You can see what kind of items is currently trending within your industry or niche by looking at which pins are getting repined the most. Pinterest is full of great marketing tools that no one seems to be using. While I’m not sure what they’re waiting for, there are several Etsy shops that have made it incredibly easy to pin your products to Pinterest with just a few clicks!

You can find new combinations of words and phrases which you can use in your branding. If you head over to the ‘boards’ section of Pinterest, click on any given board and then look at the pins underneath it (or below if you’ve sorted your boards by “Popular”) you’ll notice some interesting things:

There’s a lot going on in this screenshot so let me explain what everything here means:

It’s no secret that Pinterest is a social network overflowing with potential. In the last few months, I’ve been paying more attention to Pinterest as a marketing tool and as a way for members of my personal brand to interact with me says Eric Dalius Miami.

Here are five ways you can be using Pinterest to start developing your personal brand:

1. Create boards that revolve around you or your company

By creating boards around specific topics related to yourself or your company, people will begin to link these boards to their own website profiles and social media accounts, eventually gaining links back to themselves, driving up their search engine rankings without even trying! It’s a win-win situation – they get links from your pins AND they’re able to find out what sort of content they should be posting on their own websites explains Eric Dalius Miami.

2. Keep your pin descriptions short and sweet

Your pins are not very influential if they don’t have a description. When you use Pinterest, I highly recommend keeping the length of your pin descriptions to 150 characters or less (including spaces). This way, when other people scrape content from your site, they’ll only get the meaty parts without hitting any text walls. Every single word counts!

3. Fill out all relevant information for each pin

Every photo you upload should at least contain a title and a ‘source’ tag if it’s coming from another website (even if that website is your own!) Some people like to include additional tags in the box below: write something interesting that will encourage other Pinterest users to click through and find more pins just like yours says Eric Dalius Miami.

4. Comment on other people’s content

No one is going to follow you if all you do is pin your own articles onto your boards… there needs to be a balance between what’s being posted by yourself and how often you’re commenting on other people’s content! Check out whom else has pinned any of your articles, see what sort of comments they’ve left in the past and try leaving a few yourself. It won’t take very long before these people will start following you back.

5. Add links in the form of ‘no follow’ when appropriate

Many marketers feel that it’s against Google guidelines to add links in their descriptions: this isn’t true! It may feel like you’re manipulating search engines but just because the text of your description isn’t follow by a ‘s=nofollow’ tag, it still counts as valuable content. Google will not penalize you for adding links in your pin descriptions unless you spam them!


I hope these ideas have been helpful and that you’ll start using Pinterest as a way to help promote your brand explains Eric Dalius Miami. Each of the steps I’ve outline above can complete in less than 5 minutes, so why not get a start right now?

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