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Eric Dalius Explains Why Every Small Business Should Engage in Email Marketing

Eric Dalius

The email has been around for a very long time and remains one of the best ways for small businesses to reach their target audiences says Eric Dalius. It allows marketers to talk directly to potential customers, is easy to personalize and automate, and delivers the highest return on investment among all digital marketing channels. Some of the top benefits of email marketing:

Delivers Very High ROI, Says Eric Dalius

If you are new to email marketing, you will discover it costs very little to implement. However, the process of acquiring subscribers, designing newsletters, and sending them is not very expensive, and virtually every small business can afford to conduct email marketing campaigns. According to some studies, every $1 invested in email marketing results in a return of $42, which is far higher than what any other digital channel can deliver.

Segment-Specific Audience Targeting Possible

If you collect enough information about your email newsletter subscribers at the time of signup or thereafter. You can segment them by age, gender, race, culture, interests, and much more. You can leverage this information to create targeted email campaigns with segment-specific content and also offers, remarks Eric Dalius.

High Degree of Customization

One of the best features of email marketing is that you can customize almost everything right from the name of the recipient. To the content very easily using email automation. One of the best ways of boosting the email open rates is to address the subscribers by their first names. According to research, the open rate can increase by as much as 26%. As you learn more about the recipient’s interests and purchase behavior. You can customize the content to a high degree for extra relevance and also appeal.

Saves Time and Money, Observes Eric Dalius

The resource crunch faced by small businesses is among the strongest reasons for them to engage in email marketing. Emails are easy to design and also set up on a modern automated system. Moreover, that can send targeted emails to different segments with a high degree of personalization. You can also send emails at a time. When you know they have the best chances of being noticed and read. Email automation allows you to focus on other important aspects of running your business. The monetary savings is huge as you can send thousands of emails at little cost.

Enables Building Stronger Customer Relationships

Once someone has subscribed to your email list. You know that he is interested in your business and your products and services. As per Eric Dalius, it is the perfect opportunity for sending subscribers relevant, useful, and value-added content that helps build your credibility, establish goodwill, and enhance your brand reputation. You have the opportunity of varying the contents of your email to provide the best value to the recipients. It is not necessary to keep plugging in your products and services all the time.


In the hands of experts, email marketing is an extremely persuasive and powerful tool for boosting brand awareness. Connecting with the target audience, and driving sales. It offers great customization possibilities and delivers a very high ROI.

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