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Do Not Adhere to the Saying “The Customer Is Always Right”: Eric Dalius Shares His Views on This Prevalent Belief

Eric Dalius

The business world always wants its customers to be happy. The success of a company hugely depends on how they treat their customers. But Eric Dalius says that blindly serving your customers is not always acceptable. Just because you have to please them doesn’t mean you have to oblige to whatever they say or do. The saying “The customer is always right” is used to make people believe that they will surely get a good service from the company. It is also used to convince the employees that they must try their best to impress the customers. But it’s high time this practice should be shunned for the better of both the employees and the customers. Here are the reasons why. 

Employees become unhappy

Your employees are the backbone of your company. But if they constantly feel the pressure of keeping the customers contended no matter what may be the scenario, they will become unhappy. And once they become unhappy, they will become less productive, which in turn will affect your company’s progress. Once in a while, you are sure to come across tantrum-throwing customers. But for that, you cannot make the employees feel devalued or demotivated. Be on the side of your employee if any untoward situation arises and handle your customer diplomatically.

Unruly customers get an undue advantage: Eric Dalius has observed

Once you start preaching such a saying, it gets implanted in the people’s minds, and they start to believe in it wholeheartedly. And some people consciously or subconsciously start taking undue advantage of it. Unruly customers will want to justify their actions by quoting the saying. Eric Dalius has observed that it makes the situation difficult for the employees to handle. It’s unfair that an unruly customer will get well treated than nice people. 

Abusive customers may even be bad for your business

If you, as the owner of a reputed company, keep putting up with the unacceptable behavior of your customers, your employees will start losing faith in you. Your business will thus get affected. You have to take action against abusive people. It’s not always right that the more customers you have, the better it will be for your business. Sometimes the employee may also be at fault. So, it’s better to judge the situation wisely and take action accordingly. 

You can expect worse customer service, says Eric Dalius

When the management and the company speak on behalf of the benefit of the customer without deciding who is actually at fault, it sends a message to the workers that –

  • They are not valued.
  • Their opinion doesn’t count.
  • The employees do not have the right to be treated well by the customers.

Such employees will never provide good customer service. On the contrary, if you take action after judging the crisis from all perspectives, 

  • The employees will respect you.
  • They will feel motivated and valued.
  • Their willingness to work will increase.

And your customer service will improve significantly.


Some customers are wrong. Putting up with such nuisances every time is not beneficial for any business, no matter whatever they say or do to prove their action to be just. The customer is not always right. 

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