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Eric Dalius


Eric Dalius Muzicswipe Fortitude Award offers scholarships twice yearly to ambitious students seeking success as future entrepreneurs. Mr. Dalius personally reviews each and every submission.


About Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius – An Entrepreneur Focused on Making a Difference

Eric Dalius has made incredible progress through a huge number of enterprising and promoting drives.

Eric Dalius has made weighty developments. He is quick to impart his insight other capable desiring business visionaries.

While Eric Dalius is as of now getting a charge out of semi-retirement, he keeps on zeroing in on making state of the art propels in the present genuinely unique business world.


Eric Dalius MuzicSwipe Fortitude Award

As indicated by Eric Dalius, it is additionally crucial for reward society with the goal that others can profit by it. He needs to clear the way for future business pioneers, promoting specialists, and business people. What’s more, for that, he realizes that instruction has a significant task to carry out. This is the explanation of shaping the Eric Dalius Foundation.

Through the right information sharing, future business pioneers and business visionaries can have an extraordinary character and move towards progress. What’s more, to assist individuals with achieving this level headed, he has thought of the Eric Dalius Scholarship. This grant will be for up-and-comers who will dominate in a bunch of subjects. Utilizing this grant, the competitors can seek after high level training and don’t need to worry about the monstrous monetary pressure.

Eric Dalius


Muzic Swipe



Price Award

USD1000/- is the annual award amount.



Last date to apply this award is
Deadline 1: April 1, 2023.
Deadline 2: Oct 1, 2023.


How to apply

Send your applications today through application form.



To apply, a candidate should be selected or acknowledged at an authorize USA school or USA University. Anyway this award will be granted dependent on our survey for your submitted Essay.

Eric Dalius Fortitude Award Scholarship will award $1000/- to a single outstanding university student pursuing studies in Graduate and Post Graduate.

Amount of Eric Dalius Fortitude Award

The Eric Dalius Fortitude Award scholarship is a twice yearly one time award of $1000/-

How to Apply:

Students are requested to submit an essay that should be 1000 words. It should provide a unique Essay to the “What is the correlation between globalization and cryptocurrency”. Therefore send your Essay through our application form.

The following information must immediately follow your 1,000 words essay:

    1. First Name Last Name, Phone Number

    1. Mailing Address

    1. Email Address

    1. Your highschool Graduation Date (YYYY.MM.DD)

    1. The college/university you are applying to, have been accepted to, or are currently enrolled in.

    1. In addition, your personal bio in 290 characters or less.

    1. Current or last GPA